Our vision about games

Firecast Studio is a game company with a focus on innovation and fun of our players. We aim to bring you interesting topics, high quality graphics as well as creating characters and stories, enabling expansion into other universes outside the ”game world”.

The designers Bruno Lanzarotti, Rodrigo Correa and the researcher Claudio D’Ipolitto are the company founders. They have extensive experience in the market, with expertise acquired in others game companies, as well as participation of numerous game projects over the years. The Firecast Studio develops indie games with the vision of offering sophisticated products, but with a great power involvement and immersion.


The company has been designed using the methodologies as Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas and Blue Ocean. In this reasoning, we have all the planning and execution of the project based on market research, ensuring the success and quality of the projects.

Our team and game lovers


Bruno Lanzarotti

Executive Director

Responsible for the management and progress of the company’s projects, Bruno is a game player since childhood and is passionate also for comics, movies and news technologies.

Rodrigo Correa

Creative Director

Game Designer, Project management, passionate about video games and
Game Master on spare time, works on the game industry
more than 5 years.

Claudio D’Ipolitto

Innovation Director

Passionate about Innovation Models in the Creative Industries, Claudio is responsible for proposing innovation strategies to the board and for developing partnerships with academic R&D labs and groups.

Luther Schmidt

3D Artist & Animator

Responsible for bringing characters and worlds to life. Self-taught artist, gamer and passionate about CG.

Igor Pessoa

Concept Artist

Grew up drawing and playing videogames, now has found a perfect way to combine those two passions.

Douglas Barbará

Unity Developer

Open-source evangelist and programmer. Hopes his beard will one day be close to those of John “Maddog” Hal.

Pedro Carvalho

Unity Developer

Open-source game engine programmer, student of Agile methods and Computer Graphics, thinks that our media should be taken just like any other media that we have.

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